Marketing Strategy (B2B)

Creating the Marketing Strategy of your business. 

Why do you need a B2B Marketing Strategy?

With the rise of new technologies, mobile devices and social media, buyer behavior partners have changed dramatically. Buyers are more likely to do a Google, Facebook & LinkedIn search to find and evaluate a firm than to check personal references or other offline directories. As such, marketing needs to adapt to this changing environment. 

A B2B Marketing Plan is a core asset for every successful B2B business and sets the direction, timeframe, and tactics of all marketing & sales related activities. With a professional plan in place, you’ll find it easier to promote your company’s products & services, differentiate from the competition, explain what you do easier to potential buyers, create the right pricing structure and ultimately help you achieve your business goals. 

Marketing Strategy Services

We’ve worked with a range of different businesses, from start-ups to multi-million conglomerates, to help them set a strategic direction for their marketing activities and spend their marketing budget in the most efficient way possible. Our B2B Marketing Strategy service typically comprises:



Together we will look at what data & insight you currently hold for your business and what that tells us. Google analytics, or any other platform that you are using, will give us insight as to what is working and what needs further improvement. An analysis of current marketing content (brochures, videos, flyers etc.) and what is needed will help direct marketing material at the right customers via the right channels. 




Knowing what your marketplace looks like and what your competition is doing is key to creating a competitive offering to potential buyers. This includes reviewing your competitors, both the ones that you already are aware of and those that we find through our online research and wider marketplace to give us a holistic view of what your prospect buyers are seeing. 



We will combine all the information above to create a compelling marketing funnel that converts visitors to your website to new customers. This is key prior to doing any form of on & offline advertisement and will be the core sales engine of your website. 




Which social channels are worthwhile for your business? How can you minimise the time and effort it takes to have an active page that you can manage efficiently and bring in results. Our marketing strategy plans include a section specifically for your social media strategy to help you make sense of what channels are best for your business. 


What do you get?

Your B2B marketing strategy will be delivered as a digital report accompanied by an in-person or digital meeting with one of our consultants.
You can implement the strategy yourself or have us implement the recommendations for you.


We work with a range of businesses helping them with SEO, PPC, Lead Generation, E-shop Development, Content marketing and more.   

Let's create your new marketing strategy

Are you ready to take the next step and create a marketing strategy that will grow your business?  We look forward to discussing your requirements and create a plan unique to your business needs and budget. 

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