Amazon Agency Or In-House Expertise? Which Is Right For Your Business?

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If you’re looking to become a seller on Amazon, you’ll need someone familiar with Amazon Marketing Services. The question then becomes whether you train an employee to handle this or hire a dedicated Amazon Marketing Agency.

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Plenty of businesses ask themselves this question, and it’s incredibly relevant.

Of course, there are pros and cons to each side. In this article, we’ll answer the question: which is better for my business, an Amazon Marketing Agency or an in-house expert?

Either way you must consider seriously what are your aims, cause competition on Amazon is in high rates. There are more than 2.5 million sellers out there you are seeking the same thing with you -attention from customers.

And there’s more. Only 20% have made total profits of more than $100,000 last year.

Training In-house

It’s not unreasonable for a business to want to train a member of staff in-house. Many businesses do so for things like marketing, as it helps employee to have a close connection with the respective department as well as do the job in relation to the business’s niche.

The same is true for Amazon Marketing Services. We’ve summarised the pros and cons of this approach below.

Pros of In-house training

1. Immediate access

This is the biggest advantage of having your own Amazon marketer. They’re there whenever you need them because they’re employees of your company.

They can devise an Amazon Marketing Strategy for each product’s listing and will be available to make changes whenever necessary.

2. Negotiable rates

Another benefit of having your Amazon Marketing Services experts in-house is that it can work out cheaper. This is because you’re paying a single person to do the work rather than a whole Amazon Marketing Agency.

But for this to become an advantage, you’ll need to negotiate a decent rate with your employee.

3. Clear expertise

As with any other marketing role, having your own person in-house means they can build expertise specifically related to your brand and products.

This means they’ll be more efficient and can handle consumer questions without referring back to you.

Cons of In-house training

1. Hard to find an expert

It’s quite hard to find an Amazon expert because they’re in such high demand. While you could train your own employee, the knowledge must come from somewhere.

2. They’re not tied to your company

To build on the con above, you might find your newly-trained Amazon marketer jumps ship later down the line. It’s a hot skill to have at the moment, and there’s every chance they’ll find a better job meeting their needs elsewhere.

3. Education takes time

Learning the intricacies of Amazon SEO takes a lot of time, meaning you won’t be up and running immediately. When launching as a seller on Amazon, this lost time means lost money.

4. Their knowledge might be lacking

Similarly, your Amazon marketer might not know the whole process, as there’s a lot to and complicated procedures to adapt with. For example, they might be unfamiliar with inventory management, PPC, FBA compliance, and much more.

In these situations, you’ll then have to refer to outside help.

Hiring an Amazon Marketing Agency

An Amazon Marketing Agency is just like any other marketing agency, but for Amazon. Their skills and expertise are directly related to selling on Amazon.

Pros of an Amazon Agency

1. Industry experts

An agency will have the right knowledge to devise an excellent Amazon Marketing Strategy for your products. It’ll have different employees with different skillsets, meaning one person doesn’t need to know it all.

This is a clear advantage when you’re putting your products in the hands of someone else.

2. They can cover all your needs

Building on the above point, an Amazon agency will usually be full service. This means they’ll cover photography, video, SEO, advertising, translation, and more.

You won’t need to hire a photographer to list your product, and they’ll know specifically how to take photos that sell.

Whether you’re looking for Amazon PPC or professional Amazon Product Photography, we are here to help.

3. Costs and timelines are clear

As part of your contract with an agency, they’ll set out a timeline and cost for all their services. This means you’re signing up with full knowledge of how and when things will be done.

4. Greater support

An Amazon Marketing Agency will be able to assist with other Amazon issues, such as missing goods, inventory problems, T&C changes, and more.

It’s their job to be experts in all things Amazon, and it all comes as part of the service.

5. They have access to paid tools

Advertising and selling on Amazon involves lots of extra paid tools. It becomes expensive for a single business to own these. So, using an Amazon Marketing Agency gives you access to the tools without paying for them yourself.

While the cost comes as part of their fee, it’ll be much lower than paying for a dozen subscriptions. Things like Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Ecomengine, and AMZ Pro are all very pricey.

6. They are quicker

An Amazon agency will be much quicker compared to an in-house marketer, simply because there are more people on the team. They can divide tasks between experts, resulting in a faster turnaround.

Cons of an Amazon Marketing Agency

1. Availability

The main disadvantage of an Amazon agency is availability, as they’ll have multiple projects on the go. While they’ll still assist with your Amazon Marketing Strategy, you might not have minor issues resolved immediately.

2. Communication

There might be some miscommunication when it comes to your expectations and their deliveries. This is simply because an Amazon Marketing Agency will often do things based on best practice or prior experience. But, after a short time working together, both sides should become more familiar with each other.

3. Potential high costs

Using an Amazon agency can get expensive depending on how much work you need done. That said, the benefit of access to expertise, paid tools, photographers and more arguably justifies the price. But there is a reason why behind it. As smaller the budget for your marketing campaign is as less results and profits you will get.


In the long term, it’s safer and more cost-effective to hire an Amazon agency. They can take care of your Amazon Marketing Services and provide help with more niche issues of being a seller on Amazon. Having an in-house employee might seem great, but there’s far less security.

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Did you think that for complicated task like Amazon Marketing, expertise is the answer?

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