Amazon & Ecommerce Marketing Agency

What We Do

Solving Your E-commerce Challenges

Selling online is getting more and more competitive yet the E-commerce market is growing exponentially.  At Lezzat with are an ecommerce marketing agency in UK we help you choose the right strategy for your business to sell online. Our Amazon ecommerce agency can help you sell on Amazon as well as other marketplaces (eBay, Etsy, Allegro, eMag, Walmart etc.) in the UK, USA & EU. 

Why are we different?

We are Amazon Sellers Ourselves

We are not your ordinary Amazon marketing agency when it comes to E-commerce. We are actually a team of Amazon, eBay & Etsy sellers just like you and we know the difficulty that comes with selling on Amazon and we created our very own ecommerce marketing agency. Be it design work, professional photographs, PPC optimization and product launches we know what it takes to succeed online. If you are serious about selling on Amazon then our dedicated services is exactly what your business needs.

What Do You Get

Your New E-commerce Strategy

We will sit down with you, understand your financial and business goals and formulate a strategy to help you achieve them. Whether it is expanding into new territories such as AsiaPac, Europe, USA or Middle East we have the expertise to help your business reach a global audience. 

amazon ecommerce agency

Etsy & eBay Marketing

Further increasing the reach of your products using Etsy & eBay.

Global Marketplaces

Expanding your products to the global market.

B2B Marketing Strategy

Creating a B2B strategy as part of your E-commerce strategy. 

Website Marketing Services

Integrating your website marketing with your Ε-commerce strategy.

Supply Chain Consulting

Solving challenges of your supply chain. 

E-commerce Consulting

Creating a plan for your Ε-commerce strategy. 

Lezzat is an Amazon Certified Global Ads Partner

Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the benefits of having my storefront on Shopify?

Shopify is one of the world’s most popular e-shop platform. It is easy to use, has many templates to choose your website from and can easily integrate to 3 party software such your accounting or warehousing. That is why it is the go to platform for many businesses looking to sell online.

2. Is there a right way to do E-commerce Marketing?

The wrong way is not having a strategy. The right way is to plan your marketing strategy execute it, measure result and optimize from there. if you want us to help you create your E-commerce Marketing Strategy, find more here.

3. How to develop an E-commerce Marketing Plan?

We will sit down with you, understand your business and financial objectives and formulate a strategy to suit your needs and ambitions. Have an audit for free

4. What is the difference between E-commerce Strategy and Digital Marketing?

E-commerce strategy looks into increasing your brand awareness and sales through online marketplaces, how your products are shipped and what is your overall E-commerce strategy. Digital marketing focuses on getting your products in front of the right customers at the right time. They are both essential for a complete E-commerce marketing strategy plan.