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Is your Amazon business performing as it should? Do you want to start selling on Amazon as a business or you are already a Vendor (1P), FBM (3P) or FBA (3P) seller? Then our Amazon Marketing Services are designed to help you grow your Amazon sales. We help you with all aspects of selling on Amazon with our dedicated suite of services. 

Why Are We Different?

We Are Amazon Sellers Ourselves

We are not your ordinary marketing agency when it comes to Amazon. We are actually a team of Amazon sellers just like you and we know the difficulty that comes with selling on Amazon. Be it design work, professional photographs, PPC optimization and product launches we know what it takes to succeed on Amazon. If you are serious about selling on Amazon then our dedicated services is exactly what your business needs. 

What Do You Get?

Optimize Your Amazon Store

Whether you want to start selling on Amazon as a business, or already have your Amazon store up but want to increase your sales, we will sit down with you, understand your goals and formulate a strategy to help you achieve them. We take pride in being transparent and committing in each and every project that we take for our clients. 

Account Set Up

Opening Amazon account, verification & un-gating restricted categories. 

Listing Optimization

Looking after every aspect that makes a successful listing.

Amazon SEO

Finding and using the right keywords for your listings.

Amazon Consulting

Consulting based on your Vendor, FBA, FBM or Arbitrage account. 

Full Account Management

Managing all aspects of your seller account so you don’t have to worry. 

Brand Registry

Setting up brand registry and linking your brands to your products and account. 

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the fulfilment methods that I can use to sell on Amazon? I have heard of FBA what is it?

There are mainly 2 types of fulfillment (aka. shipping) methods when it comes to sending the product a customer bought on Amazon. These are FBA and FBM. You can either send the product to the end customer yourself from your warehouse (FBM) or you can use the Amazon warehouse to have them automatically send the product to end customer once an order has arrived (FBA). Both have their advantages and disadvantages so make sure you are aware of their pros & cons before you decide. For more about selling on Amazon read our blogs.

2. Is FBA free?

No, Amazon FBA is not free. It tends to work much cheaper however compared to sending the goods from a warehouse or using the post. You should be aware of the warehousing costs and how they work, inventory limits and restrictions of how to send goods into FBA. If it is all too much feel free to reach out to one of our Amazon Marketing Services experts to help you with this.

3. My E-commerce business is booming, so do I even need to sell on Amazon?

Yes, your business is already set up for E-commerce so why not have your products listed on the world’s largest E-commerce retailer? Amazon has more than 330 million active buyers worldwide so getting your products up there is a great opportunity to grow your brand. 

4. What is the cost of selling on Amazon?

This will depend on your fulfilment method but here is a short answer to keep you on track. You have the Amazon professional plan subscription (£25 per month for UK and similar for other marketplaces) this is a monthly subscription so that you are able to have full functionality of selling on Amazon and it is required by all professional sellers. Then you have Amazon’s commission for selling on their platform and you should consider a budget for your advertisement on Amazon (PPC). That’s it! If you are doing FBA, then you have the FBA costs (i.e. cost of sending goods to end customer) and inventory storage cost. Each product is different in size, weight, price and each account has a different health status all of which affect the costs mentioned above. Are you interested in selling on Amazon? Click to learn about our Amazon Marketing Services.

5. What percentage of my sales does Amazon take?

This depends on the category you are selling in and the price of your products. As a rule of thumb any product selling more than £/$/€ 10 on Amazon has a 15% Amazon commission and below £/$/€10 has a 8% commission. For a detailed view check this link here for EU and here for USA.

6. What Is Amazon FBA?

FBA is the acronym for Fulfillment by Amazon. While using FBA, you store your products, procured from different sources, in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and Amazon picks, packs, ships, and provides customer service for those products. For most of Amazon sellers it is the right strategy to start with, as 92% of them use the FBA fulfillment method, instead of FBM’s or Vendor’s. If you are interested in learning more about Amazon and the fulfillment methods that exist, read our dedicated blogs on this topic.