Advertising Services (PPC) for Amazon

What We Do

Increasing Sales & Lowering ACoS

Our Amazon PPC agency results talk for themselves. We will show you real examples of our Amazon PPC and the results we achieve for our clients with our Amazon PPC UK service. Whether you are at a product launch phase or you are looking to reduce your Amazon ACOS our Amazon Advertising Services are designed for your needs. Not only do we manage your ad campaigns, our Amazon PPC management agency helps in expanding brand visibility and analyzing existing campaigns so as to put your business in a position to grow.

Why Are We Different?

We Are Amazon Sellers Ourselves

We are not your ordinary Amazon advertising agency in the UK.  We are actually a team of Amazon sellers just like you and we know the difficulty that comes with selling on Amazon and getting the right PPC strategy behind your products. Be it Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Display, Video or DSP we are an Amazon certified PPC agency that can help your advertising on Amazon scale to it’s full potential with the right ROAS. 

What Do You Get

Optimize Your Amazon PPC

As an Amazon PPC agency, we help our customers to set up advertising campaigns using other social media channels. We are confident in our expertise in each and every project that we take, that is why we offer a “Risk Free” month-to-month contract with our clients. We will either make you more money & save you wasted advertisement spent or we don’t. 

amazon digital marketing agency

Sponsored Products

Maximising your Return On Ads Spent (ROA) with the right strategy.

Sponsored Brands

Utilizing all advertisement options for brand registered accounts.

Sponsored Display

Display and retargeting strategies on and off Amazon.

New Product Launch

Generating your first sales & reviews quickly with PPC.

Sponsored Video

Taking video amazon advertisement to the next level. 

Promotions & Vouchers

Increasing conversions and traffic with the use of vouchers & Amazon coupons.

Lezzat is an Amazon Certified Global Ads Partner

Frequently Asked Question

1.How can I advertise my brand on Amazon?

There are three solutions, namely 

  • Sponsored Brands: builds and sustains your brand presence like features, color, theme etc, 
  • Sponsored Products: encourages users to visit your product page  
  • Stores: Link your sponsored brands campaign with the store and drive users to a curated collection of products 

If used altogether, you can expect the brands to reach a wider audience,  and increase organic traffic for lead generation.

Lezzat Ltd is a leading Amazon advertising agency in the UK helping online businesses improve product visibility and attract more customers. Book an appointment with one of our PPC experts.

2. How long does it take for Amazon PPC to show results?

On an average, the Amazon PPC services will take anywhere between 2-3 months to show results. A new PPC campaign takes this much time just because it doesn’t have any data and performance history. The best solution is to consult a certified Amazon advertising agency in the UK—Lezzat Ltd —to get the desired results fast.  During the initial months, we will focus on gathering data from your ads to improve your audience targeting, keyword targeting, and bids.

3. How much does Amazon advertising cost?

When it comes to Amazon ad costs, there is no one figure that fits all. There are many factors that influence the total cost. This includes:-

  • The ad types you choose
  • Business goals
  • Operating costs
  • Budget 
  • Industry competition
  • Your bids per keyword
  • Type of product
  • Industry

At Lezzat Ltd, we offer the best amazon advertising services in the UK as per your needs and budget. To know the rough estimate, book an appointment with one of our experts.


4. Is it worth it to sell on Amazon?

Yes. There is no doubt about that.  Amazon as a brand has a resounding presence in the world; something brands can’t ignore. Also, studies show 62% of new sellers have reported an increase in profits in 2020 while 80% of them plan to continue selling on Amazon in 2021.  Who would like to miss this lucrative opportunity? Hop on a call with one of our experts and start advertising to make the most of your investment as an Amazon seller.