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Increase sales with professional stunning imagery

Selling Amazon? Looking for a product photographer for Amazon? We make your products stand out with stunning photos & infographics. 

We all know that images are the most important element of a successful listing on Amazon. Apart from meeting the requirements of Amazon, your product’s imagery quality, and it’s infographics, play a vital role in captivating your audience and increasing your sales. Yet, trying to DIY this won’t even get close to the quality a professional agency can provide. We know, we are Amazon sellers ourselves and speak from experience. 

With a team of 2 professional product photographers, amazon marketing professionals, designers, and a dedicated studio we offer unparalleled quality in the service and speed that we provide. Question is, do you want to make your listings as best as they can be? Then get in touch today to find out how our Amazon product photography service can transform your listing. 

Why do you need Amazon Product Photography?

Amazon product photography is not an easy task. Many try and DIY it but the end result will affect your listings BSR and ultimately it's success. It is better left to professionals who know what it takes to make your listing stand out.


Our professional photography studio, product photographers, designers and Amazon marketing experts are here to help transform your listing and make it the best it can be. 



Increase the number of clicks to your listing with eye-catching stunning photographs


Communicate effectively the features & benefits of your products with professional infographics



The quality of your listing tells a lot about your brand. Convince your customers that your brand has the products they desire to have.




Do you want to increase your Amazon revenues and further optimize your listings? Do you want advice and marketing support from an experienced Amazon Seller team? Then get in touch and see how we can help your business.  

Get in touch with one of our account managers using the contact form below
We will send you an order form to help you choose the right package and provide a preliminary photo brief
Send your production quality product to our studio in Greece
Talk with an amazon consultant & a photographer from our team to understand your product and discuss photoshoot requirements
Receive your photos ready to be uploaded on Amazon

“Lezzat really delivers a great service that took both the Amazon marketplace and our product niche into consideration. We were reluctant at first as we were using some decent looking stock photos with our product Photoshopped in. After talking to Alex, his professional amazon seller experience really showed and helped us “see” what our listing could achieve. Now our images are phenomenal! Not only are we experiencing better conversations, but we use the images in other marketplaces as well. ”

— Albert, TreadX

“The team over at Lezzat was great. Easy to follow the process, professional communication at every stage and high-quality deliverables that take into consideration our product’s peculiarity. The product photographer for Amazon was very experienced and guided us throughout the process. They care about the end result and it shows.”

— Nikos, GN Fitness


Pictures below are at a reduced resolution so that your browser can handle it. For more work please get in touch.


How many images can you have on Amazon?

You can have up to 9 images on your listing page that follow Amazon's image guidelines. It is best to use a mixture of pictures and infographics showing off the features & benefits of the product. 

How do you take professional pictures of a product?

There are usually 2 ways to do it. a) is using your phone’s camera and using a photo box to place the product inside and take photos. b) is using a professional agency (like us!) that has the correct lighting, set up, cameras and lenses to do it professionally. 

How do you photograph a product?

You need correct equipment, lighting and a professional team of product photographers for Amazon. It is important for the photographers to have experience of Amazon as the equipment, photography techniques, and design skills are considerably different from normal photography. 

How long does it take to get my images done?

When you sign up for a package we will advise you on the next available time slot. We aim to complete all our work within 10 business days of your start date. Please note: if your product requires special attention such as a very specific model demographic or destination, your photos may take longer to be returned and you may require additional fees. 

Do I have to send a product to Lezzat?

Yes. Once you have signed up for a package we will send you instructors as to where to send the package. We will ask you to send 2 production quality samples at least 10 business days prior to the photoshoot. The sooner the better - don’t be afraid to send your product early, we may be able to get your photos done quicker depending on current volume!


Are there models or location fees

For a reasonable model or location requests, there are no additional fees. For more specific request additional fees may apply. Please provide this information at the briefing phase in order to give you the best possible service. 


Do you offer infographics?
Yes, of course, it is part of the service we provide. 


Can I see more examples of your work?
Yes we have plenty! Please get in touch and we will send you a full presentation of our work. 

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