Amazon Sponsored TV Launches in the UK: A New Opportunity for Advertisers

Amazon Sponsored TV Launches in the UK

Amazon has introduced Sponsored TV in the UK, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada, offering brands a new way to engage audiences through a self-service advertising solution accessible via Amazon’s Ad Console. Unlike Streaming TV ads, which require a minimum spend through Amazon DSP, Sponsored TV has no such barrier, making it ideal for brands of all sizes.

What is Amazon Sponsored TV?

Amazon Sponsored TV is an advertising strategy that allows brands to reach viewers on connected TVs through Amazon’s streaming platforms like Twitch, Freevee, and FireTV apps. These ads can be videos up to 30 seconds long or static images, shown during natural breaks in streaming content. Advertisers can choose interactive formats depending on their goals. This provides a diverse and extensive audience for sellers and vendors to engage potential customers directly through their TVs.

A recent eMarketer report predicts steady growth in connected TV usage in the UK over the next five years, which can lead to a potential growth in audience for sponsored TV ads. This makes it a prime opportunity for advertisers since it will provide added benefits like extensive inventory, valuable data, and advanced reporting capabilities.

connected TV usage growth graph

Key Features and Advantages

  1. Broad Reach and Integration: Sponsored TV ads leverage Amazon’s vast first-party shopping and streaming data to target audiences on Amazon’s streaming platforms. This integration with existing Sponsored Ads campaigns ensures a seamless setup for advertisers.
  2. Cost-Effective Entry: Without a minimum spend requirement, Sponsored TV allows brands to experiment and optimise their video advertising strategies without significant upfront costs.
  3. Performance Metrics: Advertisers can track metrics such as branded search views, impressions, and reach in real-time through the Amazon advertising console. The campaigns are retail-aware, preventing spend on ads for out-of-stock products.

Differences Between Sponsored TV and Streaming TV

· Sponsored TV: Accessible through Amazon’s Ad Console, no minimum spend, user-friendly setup, ideal for new video advertisers.
· Streaming TV: Accessed via Amazon DSP, broader inventory options, more control and customisation, minimum spend of approximately £50,000 per campaign.

Best Practises for Sponsored TV Campaigns

· Audience Targeting: Start with targeting around five audiences to gather data for optimisation.

· Budget Management: Begin with a lower bid to test ad delivery and adjust as needed.

· Creative Tips: Use a balanced mix of visuals, music, and on-screen text, feature live talent, and end with a strong call-to-action.

Getting Started

  1. Register to advertise with Amazon Ads.
  2. Create a Campaign: Choose Sponsored TV, set campaign details, and upload your video.
  3. Submit Your Ad: Send in your ad for review. The process will take 72 hours.

Amazon’s Sponsored TV offers a powerful tool for brands to enhance their visibility and engagement. With its accessibility and broad targeting capabilities, it presents an exciting opportunity for advertisers to connect with a growing audience of connected TV users in the UK.

If you need more tips on how to begin using Sponsored TV Ads, watch Amazon’s webinar.

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