Launching A New Amazon Product? Here Are 8 Tips With Your Must Have Checklist

Amazon Product Launching Tips

Preparing for an Amazon product launch takes more work than on other sites. The market is already busy so you must ensure your new product stands out from the crowd.

Luckily, we at Lezzat are Amazon experts and we know what it takes to get a new product selling well. Here are our 8 top tips for a successful Amazon product launch.

1. Product quality is vital

You should know this already if you’re preparing to launch a new product, but quality is vital. To start, do some product research. You need to know whether there’s a gap in the market for it and if you have a product worth selling.

Product Quality - Lezzat

As part of your product research, ask yourself the following:

  • Does the market have room for your product?
  • Is its quality high enough to make people want it?
  • What sets it apart from the competition?
  • Is it an evergreen product or based on a passing trend?
  • Does its quality balance properly against your cost analysis?

This all falls under product research and should be part of your Amazon checklist. Ensure you have clear answers to these questions before going any further.

2. Set up a PPC strategy

PPC stands for pay-per-click and is a form of advertising. In short, you pay each time a user clicks your ad rather than a set price for an ad campaign.

Amazon is one of the top 3 digital ad platforms, so you’re missing out if you don’t take that advantage. There are 3 general types of Amazon PPC ads:

  • Sponsored product
  • Sponsored brand
  • Sponsored display

There’s far too much involved in producing a PPC strategy and ad campaign to fit in here. But, spend time developing one and ensure it’s part of your Amazon checklist FBA.

If you want to learn more about Amazon PPC, have a look in our dedicated page.

3. Develop a pricing strategy

Develop a pricing strategy - Lezzat

Creating a pricing strategy is one of the most important (and hardest) parts of an Amazon product launch. After all, you want to make a profit but don’t want to set the cost too high.

You should already be thinking about this during your product research. Gauging what prices the competition uses will help you to set your own.

But, you also have to consider all expenses involved in buying, handling, and shipping the product.

There’s no one right answer to how you price your product, but make sure you include all the relevant fees. You should know about these from your Amazon business checklist.

Setting a price and sticking to your strategy can be challenging. Consider hiring a professional Amazon Marketing Agency for advice.

4. Optimise your content

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is just as important on Amazon as anywhere else. After all, what is Amazon if not a search engine for products?

As part of your Amazon business checklist, find out your product’s keywords and include them in your copy. You can do this as part of your product research -see what your competitors use.

We’ve previously written a blog with some tips on SEO best practice, so check it out.

SEO is about more than just keywords, though. It’s about appropriate placement, subject matter fields, and much more. You should also optimise your photos and videos (more on this shortly).

5. Check your photos, then check again

Photos must be high quality, professional images. The same is true for videos. If you don’t have the facilities to produce images like this, hire a professional (such as us!).

Then, before your Amazon product launch, check photos and their descriptions for typos and silly errors. Image text is indexed and will affect your product ranking, so it’s vital you get it right.

Use the appropriate dimensions for your Amazon Product Photography in compliance also with Amazon rules. Quality is a must here, don’t consider paying for professional images as a waste of money.

Remember, your images on Amazon are the same as products placed in front on a brick-and-mortar store. They should look attractive and high in quality for consumers to get in and buy.

Image text should include your product’s unique selling points and is a great place to fit in some keywords. So, check and check again.

6. Have some customers ready and waiting

Your product will need some customers willing to purchase it so it can get off the ground. For example, these could be previous customers or subscribers to your newsletter.

If people have bought directly from you in the past, direct them to your Amazon seller account. You can easily explain the benefits of them buying through Amazon (such as using the Prime account).

7. Set up review automation software

Another key factor in product rankings is the number of reviews. Sure, you need a good product as a starting point, but people need to see it’s a good product through reviews.

Amazon has a new feature where you can click to request a review from a customer. But, if you have lots of orders, this becomes time consuming.

Consider using an automated platform for this instead. There are plenty out there, so do some product research to see which best suits your needs.

8. Make use of Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is essentially a platform where trusted reviewers act as influencers. They receive a product, discuss it, and hopefully convince others to buy.

To participate, your Amazon seller account must be brand registered. You must also have fewer than 30 product reviews and be willing to give away a product for free.

While not all sellers will fit into this bracket, it’s worth it if you do. Amazon Vine can be a great way to boost your Amazon product launch.


Preparing for an Amazon product launch takes some time. Product research can answer lots of the questions you might have about pricing, the market, and your competition.

Ensure you set up a clear Amazon checklist when getting ready to launch a new product.

Of course, if all this sounds complicated, consider hiring a professional Amazon Marketing Agency. Lezzat is one such agency, and we have the knowledge and experience to make your Amazon product launch smoother and more successful. We are Amazon sellers ourselves as we mentioned in our latest interview for BestStartups in the UK. Contact us for more information.

Did you see the landscape clearer now on what you have to do?

It wouldn’t sound weird if you never heard or thought a step or two about your checklist.

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