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It’s no secret that Amazon reviews are an integral part of selling a product. According to Statista, 40.5% of respondents listed reviews as a key deciding factor in buying a product.

Amazon reviews stand out from other online reviews, too. People go to them as sources of information about more than just quality and functionality. They also answer questions potential buyers might have.

As Amazon experts, we’ve put together a guide on how to get Amazon reviews. Read on to find the best tips for increasing buyer confidence in your product.

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Why are reviews important?

We’ve already mentioned the main reason reviews are important -they provide potential buyers with confidence in a product’s quality and ability to fulfil their needs.

But, getting Amazon reviews on products is difficult. Only around 1-2% of buyers actually leave a review.

Within this small percentage, most reviews are polarized at the top and bottom ends of the spectrum. Very few people take the time to state a product was average.

With the right strategy and commitment, you could probably bump this up to a 5% review ratio. This translates to 1 review for every 20 sales.

You do have to balance this against Amazon’s fairly strict regulations. For example, the Amazon review program notices unusual or sudden spikes in review rates and flags them as potentially fraudulent.

This can result in your account getting suspended or cancelled, which you obviously don’t want.

The strategy below will help you to grow your reviews steadily in line with Amazon’s expectations. As a result, it might take some time to build up the kind of Amazon reviews you want. In short, you must be patient.

How to get Amazon reviews

1. Get involved in Amazon Vine

Vine is an Amazon review program where you gift products to trusted reviews. Essentially, they act like influencers but on Amazon. Reviewers are chosen for their credibility and wide-ranging reviews, making them trusted sources.

As a seller, you’re eligible if you’re brand registered. You also have to abide by the T&Cs (Terms and Conditions), so make sure you read them carefully.

Also, you have to give away a product for free. While this might seem like an expense, it’ll ideally bring in sales that’ll make up for the freebie.

Bear in mind that you must also be a Fulfilled by Amazon business, along with being brand registered. We’ve written about Amazon FBA before, so check that post out for more information.

2. Use review automation software

Amazon added a function where you can send a follow-up to customers asking for them to leave a review. While it’s as simple as clicking a button, this can be a big time-waster if you have lots of sales to manage.

Instead, consider employing an automated Amazon reviews software. You have plenty of options for this, such as our partner E-Comm Engine, or something like Jungle Scout.

The software simply sends the follow-up for you. This is usually in the form of an email or message to the buyer’s Amazon account. Of course, you’ll have to pay for this software and choose one that’s right for your needs.

3. Include a Thank-You note in your package

Adding a small insert into your product’s packaging is an easy way to ask for reviews. Importantly, it implies an extra level of effort on your part, even if it isn’t.

Sometimes small acts, have a very positive impact on customers. They feel unique and being well behaved.

There’s also a psychological difference between a printed note and an email template. Even if the insert is also a template, it looks like it took more effort.

If you’re an FBA seller, you can simply ask the warehouse to print and add the inserts into any products they ship for you.

As you’d imagine with Amazon, there are plenty of T&Cs for this kind of thing. The most important are:

  • Your request must be neutral.        
  • You can’t offer incentives or discounts in exchange for reviews.
  • You can’t attempt to lead the customer away from Amazon.

Writing a thank-you note isn’t difficult, but it’s a challenge to strike the right balance and tone. Consider speaking to an Amazon Marketing Agency for help writing the perfect thank-you insert for your product.

Etsy found that a simple follow-up nudge increased review rates by 25%!

4. Create third-party promotions

Some websites allow you to create promotions to drive traffic to your Amazon products. While this isn’t specifically designed to increase reviews, more sales mean more reviews.

A site like Jumpsend simply lists products on Amazon to drive traffic. Use this to your advantage by having sellable products that are high quality. People are more likely to leave Amazon reviews on products they like.

5. Have a product worth reviewing

This is perhaps the most obvious way to get reviews: have a 5-star product worth reviewing. The product being excellent is the main reason people leave Amazon reviews. The next most common reason is that it was poor.

56% of respondents said they’d review an excellent product, 41% said they’d review a poor product.

As we mentioned earlier, Amazon reviews are often polarized. So, as a seller, you must work with this.

Appreciate the good reviews and thank customers for them. Explain how much you value their custom and feedback.

And, with bad reviews, do what you can to remedy them. Create an Amazon review checker with details about how you can work with bad reviews. While you might not send a replacement product, you could always ask for more specific information on what the customer didn’t like.


The best way to generate Amazon reviews is to create a strategy that covers all bases. This means selling a good product, following up on reviews, and increasing your product’s reach.

Of course, an Amazon review checker is also vital for monitoring and responding to reviews – both good and bad.

If you need assistance creating an Amazon review program, contact with one us.

We’re ranked among the top Amazon Marketing Agencies by DesignRush, and can help you get the kind of Amazon reviews you need to rank well in searches.

Amazon reviews now may seem of high importance, right?

There are plenty of ways to get good reviews for your products, which one better suit your needs?

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