Lezzat Amazon Marketing Agency Keeps the Five-Star Streak Alive on Clutch

five-star partner on Clutch

It goes without saying that earning great feedback is important for any vendor — may they be a B2C or a B2B company. We at Lezzat, an Amazon Marketing Agency, understand the importance of great customer feedback – as we are Amazon sellers ourselves. Headquartered in the heart of Reading, United Kingdom, we are a group of Amazon sellers that came together to provide e-commerce marketing to companies around the world.

We empathize with our clients when it comes to selling on Amazon; we understand their frustrations, concerns, and feelings. Our team wants to give them the best solutions for their business. Thanks to their gracious support and overwhelming trust, we’re proud to be a top-notch five-star partner on Clutch!

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To help you get up to speed, Clutch is a review and market research platform based in the heart of Washington DC. The site is widely known for its dedication to helping potential corporate clients connect with the right service providers from different industries and locations.

Lezzat Amazon Marketing Agency keeps its five-star streak alive on the platform following our latest review from a health and wellness firm. Last month, an analyst from Clutch personally interviewed Papillon Luck, the director of JetFuel You, to gather their insights regarding our ongoing Amazon account management collaboration.

We started working back in September 2021, and so far, we’ve seen nothing but incredible results. The review was published on the platform on November 19, and it featured five-stars! Here are the metrics that we aced on in our latest review!

  • The quality of our services and solutions
  • Our team’s project management skills
  • The cost of our services
  • Their willingness to refer our team
  • Their overall satisfaction with our partnership

We couldn’t be happier with our client’s feedback! Take a look at this wonderful quote from our new review.

“Despite the hassle with Amazon over getting all of our five products listed successfully, Alex (Founder & Managing Director) has remained calm and professional, minimizing my stress level. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with their work — they couldn’t have done a better job.

Alex is honest and communicative, and he goes above and beyond for us. From the beginning, he feels like a member of our team.”

— Papillon Luck, Director & Founder of JetFuel You

Thank you so much to JetFuel You and all our other partners for the motivating support! It’s a true pleasure for us to work with you. The entire Lezzat Amazon Marketing Agency team looks forward to discovering more milestones and opportunities with you soon!

You can find out for yourself, how our team helped our client, in our recently added Case Study here.

Aside from our new review, our past projects are also highly regarded for their quality. A new B2B platform, Top Design Firms even ranks us among the best e-commerce development firms this 2021!

We’re not a five-star company without a reason. Work with us and see for yourself. Drop us a line and we’ll gladly walk you through what we can do for you and your business!

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