What Is An E-commerce Marketing Agency And How Can It Help My Business?

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Most of us know the simple definitions of e-commerce and marketing agency. The truth is, these are complex fields with a huge impact in the modern business world and have evolved quite significantly in recent years.

When you combine them, you have a great tool to compete in online markets and grow your revenue.

More and more businesses and industries are shifting from traditional commerce sales to the world of e-commerce. As a result, many questions come to the surface.

How to increase my online sales? How beneficial is the support of a digital marketing agency?

As we carry on, we will give you a brief explanation about the fundamental knowledge to grow your online business one step further.

What is e-commerce?

To begin with, e-commerce – Electronic Commerce as the full name suggests, describes the activities of buying and selling products or services via the internet.

People with the help of today’s breakthrough technologies can buy or sell, anytime, from anywhere. The rise of online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy and eBay have brought about significant changes in how consumers purchase online and how sellers sell.

Nowadays, Americans spend 36% of their shopping budget on online shopping, but that number is set to 96% by the year 2040. Brands around the world have got a handle on the usefulness of e-commerce stores and they start to move core business operations online.

E-commerce growth

“E-commerce is set to overtake physical retail sales as early as 2024 according to some estimates

What is e-commerce marketing and does my business need it?

Global e-commerce sales are growing each year at a phenomenal rate fueled by digital marketing strategies aimed towards this industry.

Here is a diagram showing how the e-retail sales take a bigger part of total retail sales every year.

Source: oberlo.com

Online markets can be used also as a tool for consumers to conduct reviews about products and services when they hesitate to make a choice – shoppers conduct an online search at the rate of 81% before making a big buying.

The procedures on this occasion require a bare minimum amount of effort and that makes life easier. What’s more, younger people tend to spend plus 4 hours in online markets for purchases than older ones.

Marketing agencies play a role in optimizing the online store of business with Professional Photography, SEO, Video, PPC, and other digital marketing tactics to attract more customers and increase conversion rates.

Don’t forget social media platforms are a great advantage that you need to consider too. Brands should utilize the above digital tactics to advertise their product and services.

Have a solid online presence and engage with users increases the chances to be heard off, as well as opens new purchasing opportunities up.

What platforms can e-commerce marketing help sellers sell?

Source: Pixabay.com

Online marketplaces are platforms that offer many different products from many different sellers. A great tool for third-party sellers.

Their main task is to keep customers happy and make it as easy as possible for brands and retailers to boost sales –they spend a lot of effort on that. Why? Because if the experience of using the platform is fast and simple, customers will keep coming back for more.

If you are a new online seller, this is a great opportunity to generate revenue and boost your online presence. Already established marketplaces provide a comfortable way to build, design, and run an online store with up-to-date tools.

They also have large customer bases worldwide, so you can reach new potential buyers from wherever you want. Let’s not forget the reputation in the equation, too.

But the main question remains. Which marketplace should you choose?

Here is a list with tips for some of the most recognized online marketplaces.


eBay is in business for the last two decades with one of the biggest customer bases.

With no boundary to what you sell, it is a marketplace to reach customers around the globe. As for new businesses in online sales it can be a harsh place to start as the competition is high and they keep a considerable proportion of your total profits in fees however getting your listing up is easy and a straight forward process.

Tip: You can view eBay as the quick and easy method to start selling your products on an online marketplace


Amazon with 5.7 billion visitors per month is without a doubt the largest e-commerce platform out there.

Its brand reputation brings trustworthiness to customers, helping you build a consistent reputation. A traditional retail experience, unlike eBay’s auction set-up.

A drawback to consider –for Amazon to stay as reliable as it is, they are plenty of product-specific requirements for your merchandise. Getting your products on the platform is very complicated and if not done correctly will yield little to no results.

Tip: To start selling successfully on Amazon requires the most effort out of any marketplace. Contact us to get some initial guidance about Amazon Marketing Services.


Etsy is a unique platform in the sense that you are only allowed to sell products that are considered vintage, art, or hand-made. It is an enormous marketplace and a great option to cross-sell your product if they fall within the mentioned categories. Amazon also offers a handmade section, but it is tiny in popularity compared to Etsy.

Tip: It is best to check Etsy if the products you want to sell there already exist and if they fall within their category guidelines before starting the process of opening an account.

How to pick the best e-commerce marketing agency for your needs?

In order to succeed in the online world nowadays, you need a mixture of marketing skills & technologies that can help your online shops get traffic and sales they need. A recommended solution would be to hire an experienced e-commerce digital marketing agency.

Online marketers know how to attract potential customers for a business. Using the right tools and online strategies like SEO, they can reach a higher ranking in search engine results for your online shop and bring more traffic.

If you are interested in boosting your online presence and grow your business, just click here.

But how would you know which company best fits your needs? Don’t worry, we got you covered, here are 3 tips for you:

Tip 1:Digital marketing agency’s experience

Each marketing agency has a field that they are strong at, also they are good in marketing so it goes without saying that they should be able to convince you of their capability and achievements.

A digital marketing agency that is proud of its work, would display achievements and past clients like this. Always make an appointment with them online and ask if they have experience in the area you are seeking help.

Another point to take into consideration is the existence of educational blog content on their website demonstrates that the team you are willing to hire is up-to-date with the relevant field of expertise.

Tip 2: Services that meet your needs

If you want to invest money in a digital marketing agency for creating e-commerce content, you should know your needs. You will need different services if you have a small business at an affordable price or if you want to attain more online customers as an Amazon retailer with the help of stunning photos ( e.g. Amazon Product Photography).

It is important to choose an agency that is capable to support your online shop with a variety of tasks and provide suitable expertise in accordance with your goals.

Tip 3: Budget

There is a saying “You get what you pay for”, that applies to online marketing too.

You should prioritize your demands and have an according to budget to support them. Remember not to pay too much emphasis on low prices. The successful implementation of your needs comes first.

Pricing is a way to decide which digital marketing agency you should hire. However, is not the most important factor. Your marketing investment should bring a good ROI to your business. As such, try and start with a small project and scale as you see results coming in.


There you have it! Now you are ready to understand how to optimize the unlimited opportunities of e-commerce marketing for your business. Create a plan and make use of established web-marketing platforms along with an experienced digital marketing agency to guide accordingly.

Did you find this article interesting? Did you have any questions? Let us know, our team is always here to help.

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