Want To Start Selling On Amazon? Here Are 10 Tips For New Sellers + Bonus Advice!

Want To Start Selling On Amazon? Here Are 10 Tips For New Sellers + Bonus Advice!

Selling on Amazon is far more complex than other e-commerce platforms. But, done properly, it’s also far more lucrative.

There are stricter guidelines and consumer expectations for working as an Amazon seller. So, much of your success comes from good preparation and proper research.

We at Lezzat often get asked what it takes to become a quality Amazon seller. To answer this question, here are our 10 tips.

1. Do your homework

The first step before even opening an Amazon seller account is to do your homework. Become familiar with the lingo, and learn the ins-and-outs of selling on Amazon.

Feel free to check out our blog for helpful tips for non-marketers. We even have posts explaining key terms like FBA and FBM.

You should start here because understanding the basics will help you to narrow in on what kind of Amazon seller you want to be.

2. Talk to Amazon sellers

Knowing an Amazon seller or two is a great way to get some insider information. While most online content will focus on the dos and don’ts, an actual seller will tell you how these work in real terms.

If you don’t know any, consider looking on LinkedIn or similar, or reaching out to an Amazon Marketing Agency. They might be able to connect you with the right people. Another option would be to find a consultancy company, as they might have sellers willing to act as mentors.

In case you didn’t know, we are Amazon sellers ourselves, feel free to ask any question here.

This is the best way to get some Amazon seller feedback on important things like freight forwarders, designers, and accountants, allowing you to connect with professionals.

3. Choose a product

You might have an idea of what you want to start selling on Amazon. But, there’s more to it than that if you want an Amazon seller account that brings in money.

Selecting the right product is vital. You’ll find this is the longest and most important step. Do research both on and off Amazon. See what’s selling in that niche and work out how yours can be better.

Search for the most profitable product categories and find comparative advantage for your product against competitors.

Order samples from suppliers and get feedback from friends and family. To make a dent in a potentially saturated market, you need to offer something that isn’t already available.

Why is your product better, and what does it offer that people can’t find elsewhere? Knowing these answers will impact future selling decisions.

4. Conduct research

We’ve mentioned samples, but ensure you get some from multiple high-quality suppliers. Chinese suppliers are the most common, but look elsewhere too. You must be happy with the product you want to sell so your customers will also be happy.

Look at current sellers and do some keyword research. You can check out our blog on SEO for more information. Use an Amazon keyword research tool to see what works best for your product niche.

Before starting your Amazon seller account, you must be armed with information about what ranks well and how your product fits in. You want a 5-star product from your supplier that shows up when people look for it.

5. Avoid complex products

In the early stages of being an Amazon seller, stick with simple products. This means avoiding liquids, consumables, flammable and fragile objects, vitamins, or anything else with strict regulations.

It’s much better to get some Amazon seller feedback and experience on something easy to handle and ship before you move into complex areas.

6. Work out costs

Before pricing your product, work out costs. You need to know things like packaging, advertising, shipping and handling so you can break even.

While you might think deciding on a price makes sense first, you’ll find it easier this way around. After all, you might set your price too low and have to adjust based on higher shipping costs.

Consider looking on Amazon Seller Central for subscription costs. This all comes under Amazon seller fees and should fit into your overall price structure.

7. Pricing your product

Pricing is perhaps the second most difficult part of setting up an Amazon seller account. You need a price that sells but covers your outgoings and ideally earns you a profit.

We recommend starting with a product that’ll sell for £20 or more. There are numerous reasons why this is a good starting point – enough to require a post of their own.

The most important is that this price qualifies for free shipping, meaning you have room to advertise and absorb the costs of Amazon seller fees.

But, do market research too. There’s no point launching as a new seller with a product priced higher than better-selling alternatives.

8. Professional photography

We see plenty of new sellers avoid this step to save money. But, you’ve got to spend money to make money.

Professional photos will sell better than ones taken at home. Check out our blog post on professional photography for more information.

Lezzat provides professional Product Photography Services for Amazon sellers, so contact us to learn more or take a grasp here.

9. Get products sent to you first

In the early stages as you start selling on Amazon, it helps to get products shipped to your home or warehouse first. You can become familiar with how they arrive and what details Amazon needs about them.

If using FBA, make sure you know exactly what’s needed of you, as it can be very complex.

10. Patience

Breaking into any new market requires patience, and being an Amazon seller is no different. You’ll make mistakes, as every new business does. Learn from them and improve.

Always remember to collect as much data as you can and review them at the end of the month, take notes and then research more. Make it a habit, sure you’ll get a better whole picture of things as time comes by.  

Bonus tip – Be different

Your product must be different from your competitors otherwise you won’t sell. It can be better in quality, different in color, have better accessories or unique features. Selling the same product as others is a recipe for disaster, so avoid it at all costs.


Becoming an Amazon seller boils down to preparation. By the time you launch your product, most of the work should be done. It may seems difficult for starters, too complex or non-profitable at all.

All you need to remember is that having an impact on Amazon seller will provide you with steady profits. Also you’ll make a name for yourself, earn trusted customers and every step after will make risk rates dropdown significantly.

Are you struggling to find the right product for your new selling plan?

Did you understand know more clear the steps you need to take as a new Amazon seller after reading our blog?  

If you want to know more about how to start selling on Amazon, remember that we are an Amazon Marketing Agency, feel to contact us and we will help you with any question you may have.

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