Ready? Steady? Action! Why Each Amazon Listing Should Have a Video

Amazon product listing video

If you’re selling products on Amazon, you probably already have some knowledge of SEO best practices. But, have you considered adding an Amazon video to your product page?

Using Amazon product listing videos is a great way to boost sales and increase your brand’s authority. How? Read on to find out!

Maybe you’re already hyped with the idea of creating an Amazon product listing video, but don’t know how? Leave it to us, by clicking right here.

Why Use Amazon Product Listing Videos

Let’s put this another way: Is an Amazon video important? The short answer is yes. Here are some of the clearest advantages to using an Amazon product video in your listing.

1. Adds authority

Simply put, adding a video makes your brand and product appear more authoritative. It shows that you’ve put more thought into your product listing than taking a few pictures.

What’s more, a video helps potential consumers understand your product better, indicating assertiveness for your brand and what you’re selling. One survey found 96% of marketers reported using videos increased consumer understanding.

2. Improves consumer engagement

In the nicest possible way, most people are lazy when it comes to product engagement. The same survey linked above found that, when presented with both text and video, 72% of consumers would watch the video. Why not use this fact to your advantage?

A different survey found that adding video content increased dwell time in 80% of cases. So, by adding a video to your Amazon product listing, you can increase both engagement and dwell time, which leads to…

3. Videos increase conversion

Importantly for Amazon sellers, videos increase conversion rates. A survey by Strategic ABM found that 90% of consumers used videos as part of their decision-making process.

Posting a video explaining or demonstrating your product will help consumers to know if it’s the product for them. This means they’ll make more informed decisions and will be more confident in their purchase. Combine this with the knowledge that 84% of consumers were compelled to buy through video content, and you’re onto a winner.

4. Videos can be multi-channel

Nothing is stopping you from using an Amazon product video on your original website and as part of your other marketing channels. Considering you’ll likely sink a fair amount of money into a well-produced video, you might as well use it wherever possible.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to use an Amazon video on your product pages. Of course, this isn’t a complete list of reasons but highlights how effective video marketing can be.

5. Videos increase traffic and memorability

While not specifically about Amazon product listing videos, Wyzowl’s survey found that 76% of businesses reported an increase in traffic when using video content. As we mentioned above, this is likely due to increased authority and clarity.

Forbes found that 80% of respondents could recall the content in a video they’d watched in the last 30 days. In short, videos are memorable (particularly shorter ones).

Types of Amazon Video

Generally speaking, there are 4 types of Amazon product listing videos. Each has its merits depending on what product you’re trying to sell. But, some are harder to use than others because of the content they include.

Here’s a brief overview of the types of Amazon video you can use.

Product highlight video

This is the most obvious kind of Amazon product listing video. It’s a video that includes information about your product’s main highlights. The purpose is to draw potential consumers in and show them why your product fits their needs.

Explainer video

More complicated products benefit from an explainer video. Unlike a highlight video, which shows the product off, an explainer video discusses how the product works in a slightly more technical way.

For example, you wouldn’t need to explain how to use a beach towel but might need to explain how a motorbike smartphone holder works. But, be sure to check Amazon’s policy on product claims before going down this road.

Customer experience videos

A customer experience video simply highlights feedback in a different way. You can either show text in the video or have someone read them out. A customer can provide their own video or you can get an actor to do it, but make sure you don’t alter the original feedback.

Comparison video

A comparison video makes factual comparative statements about your Amazon product listing and another. It can be things like “X has a 30MP camera while Y has a 15MP camera”. But, these can get a bit subjective, so try to avoid them.

Amazon Video Tips

As with any other kind of marketing, there are some considerations when producing an Amazon product video. Also, as you’d expect, Amazon has some T&Cs related to video marketing.

Begin by checking the policies linked above, as they cover most of the important information regarding things you specifically can’t do. Here are some further Amazon video tips to get you started.

  • Amazon’s official limit for a video is 5GB. But, keep it concise: your Amazon product video should ideally be 15-30 seconds.
  • Your video shouldn’t include any link to your website or that consumers visit it. Amazon will ban you for leading customers away.
  • Amazon product listing videos should clearly demonstrate the features and benefits of your product objectively.
  • All videos should be high quality and entice customers to buy. Consider hiring a professional.
  • Similarly, avoid arty videos or anything that detracts from the product and its features.
  • Avoid language relating to price or discounts or that mentions anything time-sensitive. These are banned in Amazon’s T&Cs.


An Amazon product video is a great way to boost your rankings and get your products noticed (and bought). Videos are an easier way for consumers to digest information, giving them a higher rate of completed purchases.

Remember, though, there’s more to it than simply shooting a quick video. So, if you want a high-quality Amazon video for your product, get in touch with one of our experts today. We’ll help you create a video for your Amazon product listing that’ll get noticed.

We ensure for our high-quality as we do the same for us – yes we are Amazon sellers ourselves, as we mentioned in our latest interview for BestStartups in the UK.

Are you now in position to understand the value in an Amazon product listing video?  What’s your thought on spending for such a marketing campaign?

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