Tips For Stunning Amazon Photos & Perfect Amazon Listing Images

Amazon Listing Images

Product photography is a king in the world of Amazon. When the customers are browsing items in your category, your Amazon product photography is the first thing everyone will see rather than the title or the price.

Hence, your product picture needs to be professional, accurate and enticing at the same time so that the customer does not drift away. Photography of your Amazon products is going to play a key role in bringing you customers, so you must be extra mindful whenever creating photos for your product marketing on Amazon.

Significance of Amazon Images

If the external appearance of a product is not appealing to the buyers, they will never stop to look at the inside no matter what. To capture the best interest of the customers, you must make the images as much appealing as you can. Start by making the imagery more vibrant keeping with the perfect quality pixels and resolution of the image.

Try making it more descriptive, like not missing the prominent features of your Amazon product and ignoring the miscellaneous information that need not be there. This will ensure higher accuracy of your Amazon product photography and will also guarantee your product’s position in the first page of Amazon.

Rules of Amazon Photography

Coming to the rules, we all are very aware of the number of images allowed on Amazon. As you can upload only 9 images of your Amazon product, make sure that you make correct use of all nine of them. Amazon guidelines state that your main product image should be on a white background with the product filling more than 85% of the white space.

Keep in mind the file format and the type that is allowed on Amazon which is JPEG less than 10mbs in size. Dimensions’ limitation and minimum and maximum resolution restrictions should be religiously abided by to create your Amazon’s product photograph.

The image however must be the cover art, or a professional photograph of the product being sold. Drawings and illustrations of the product are prohibited as your main image, they are fine as your 2nd ,3rd etc image.

The image must be photographed with realistic colors and smooth edges. If all of this gets a bit too much for you, feel free to reach out and we can offer our services.

Amazon Photography Images Requirements

For each product page’s leading image – the one that will appear in search results – here is what you need to know:

  • The image must be of the product – no drawings or illustrations are allowed.
  • Do not feature additional objects, text, graphics or inset images.
  • The whole product must be in the frame.
  • Products should fill 85% or more of the image frame. (Though when using cover art from books, CDs, and DVDs, it should fill 100% of the frame)
  • Backgrounds must be pure white – RGB 255, 255, 255.
  • The images must be in focus, professionally lit and photographed or scanned with realistic colour. You should shoot in RGB or CMYK colour modes.
  • And obviously, offensive images are not allowed

Good Images VS Bad Images

Having the Right Equipment

Having the right pieces of equipment is a must-have for doing the photography of your Amazon products. The key to attaining the best photography for your desired product of Amazon is the right equipment.

The right equipment primarily involves a fine quality camera, a tripod, a white bounce card made of foam boards, a white background (most important), a table, tape, and finally the right room.

If you lack the proper equipment and knowledge for a good product photography then try and use a specialized agency to do this bit for you, after all your listings image is one of the most important elements that can make or break your amazon listing.

What NOT to do for your main image:

Infographics and Video Creation

Amazon infographics are an essential tool in the e-commerce marketers’ armament. For a successful Amazon listing, high-quality product photography has always been an essential element.

But nowadays have infographics, images that have content overlayed on top of them to explain the product’s features, is a must.

With the help of infographics, quite large quantities of complicated and boring information can become easy to understand briefly.

Typically, infographics usually involve illustrations, diagrams, or charts that delineate the product details more efficiently. Infographics provide the customers an easy understanding of all kinds of information with a minimum of fuss or intellectual enervation. Just because of its “easy-to-grasp” benefits, customers get more inclined towards such Amazon products bearing infographics.

Furthermore, product videography has also added to the ease for customers in exploring the Amazon product more carefully. It accounts for greater customer satisfaction, thus gaining their confidence as people get to see their desired product in detail, from different angles.

However, these product demo videos should be made while keeping in view all the restrictions and knowledge of Amazon product videography.

Seek help from professional photographers

Amidst this bombardment of information, if you feel extra loaded, then you can easily come and contact us. We will clear all your queries regarding your photography for Amazon.

Not only this, but we will also focus on maximizing your sales for Amazon photography UK. Our professional help is available to get you through the tough decisions of your Amazon product photography.

We focus on delineating every single detail required for fine photography of your Amazon product. It is primarily done for your ease and comfort so that you get to establish a strong position in the online marketing world. We have listed all the primary and significant features to help you with your amazing photos for the Amazon listing.

In the end, we must mention how important it is to get perfect photography done for your Amazon product.

For your listings images to do what they are meant to do, i.e. attract customers, you have to go with the amazon guidelines and best practices. You will have to make your product image descriptive and eye-catching at the same time to capture the best possible interest of the audience.

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