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Amazon UK VAT Changes: What You Need To Know

Amazon has announced significant changes to their VAT policies effective from August 1, 2024. This article will detail these changes and their implications for Amazon sellers, particularly from a UK VAT perspective. Additionally, there has been an ongoing Amazon VOEC issue affecting many sellers in recent months. If Amazon is withholding substantial VAT from your

Amazon Review

New Product On Amazon? Learn How To Get Your First Amazon Reviews

It’s no secret that Amazon reviews are an integral part of selling a product. According to Statista, 40.5% of respondents listed reviews as a key deciding factor in buying a product. Amazon reviews stand out from other online reviews, too. People go to them as sources of information about more

Selling on Amazon Germany

Want To Sell On Amazon Germany? Here Are 9 Amazon Tips For You

Selling on Amazon Germany comes with a lot of opportunities to start or expand your E-commerce business. In this article we will share 9 Amazon tips you must know before even getting started on Amazon, from proper product research, legislation and the German Language. Conduct Proper Product Research Starting with

amazon advertising

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon B2B

Being a business-to-business (B2B) supplier has plenty of benefits, but also some disadvantages. For example, dealing with sales reps and commissions can detract from your overall profits. Have you ever heard of Amazon B2B? But, what if there was a suitable platform allowing you to sell directly to businesses without

Top Amazon Marketing Agencies by DesignRush

Lezzat Ltd in the Top 30 Amazon Marketing Agencies List

Reading, United Kingdom— September 24, 2021 — Lezzat Ltd. Amazon Marketing Agency has been recognized as one of the Top 30 Amazon Marketing Agencies in 2021 by DesignRush. DesignRush is a B2B marketplace that connects brands with professional full-service agencies, web design companies, digital marketing firms, and top technology companies. Their platform

amazon digital marketing agency

Amazon Agency Or In-House Expertise? Which Is Right For Your Business?

If you’re looking to become a seller on Amazon, you’ll need someone familiar with Amazon Marketing Services. The question then becomes whether you train an employee to handle this or hire a dedicated Amazon Marketing Agency. If you don’t want to lose any more time, just click and find out

Amazon Marketing Strategies

8 Great Amazon Marketing Strategies Which You Must Consider

Before starting selling on Amazon, you should take an account of the following points about which Amazon Marketing Strategies to follow. Amazon is one of the best online retailers which sells a wide variety of consumer goods and digital media as well as its own electronic devices. It offers the

Amazon product listing video

Ready? Steady? Action! Why Each Amazon Listing Should Have a Video

If you’re selling products on Amazon, you probably already have some knowledge of SEO best practices. But, have you considered adding an Amazon video to your product page? Using Amazon product listing videos is a great way to boost sales and increase your brand’s authority. How? Read on to find

Amazon Marketing Agency

What Is An Amazon Marketing Agency And Does Your Business Need One?

An Amazon Marketing Agency provides an end-to-end solution to promote your products and brand on Amazon.  It helps to maximize the sales and rankings of your products through their profoundly merged services. It usually involves custom strategies, transparent pricing, regular reporting, Al-powered technology, ROI-focused results, continuous optimization, and many more.

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